8 Aug 2015

What is Franktrax? And how to Earn with It? 2015

What is Franktrax? And how to Earn with It?

Franktrax is a new network in the market. It pays people for advertising the links provided by them to you. Franktrax is a newborn network in market. Franktrax offers a single link to their each publisher or their members to give traffic to that link from different social media website's like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other similar sites.
I have worked with Franktrax as i have many Facebook Fan Pages but i noticed that they don't pay you that much as compared to our Traffic can originally earn from other networks like Google Adsense, Amazon, Infolinks and many other trusted and big networks.

Franktrax Pays to their Affiliates?

As i told you above that Franktrax in a new born network so i guess it does not have any thing to promote for themselves, But they are getting offers from other website's like AdultFriendFinder and many other Dating sites that pays their affiliated much more then that of Franktrax. Franktrax in almost a scam as they donot pay's that amount of earning that has to be paid to their affiliates after giving that much traffic to their website or link provided by them. 
Franktrax pays there affiliates after having leads, if you give them 1000 traffic and you get a single lead you will get 1 or 2 $ for that lead. This whole depends upon the leads if you can't get them any lead you will not get a single penny from Franktrax. 

How does Franktrax Pay ?

Franktrax Pays to their affiliates by two process
  • Paypal
  • Scrill
Minimum payout from Franktrax is 50$, Franktrax pays their affiliated every Monday.

Referral System:

Franktrax also has a Referral System, you will get the percentage of the leads provided by the person who joined them by your referral link. 

Signing Up with Franktrax:

Signup for franktrax is simple but they first review your profile and then approve your application for Franktrax account. If you want to get franktrax account approve you must have 10,000 or more Facebook Fan Pages likes, or Google Plus Followers, Or twitter followers other wise they will reject your application for the franktrax account. 

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