2 Jan 2019

Create Fake Government ID proof to unlock your facebook account 2019 *new method*

Hello MBS readers,As we all know that facebook has recently changed its policy and removing all fake accounts.Sometime facebook lock or disable real account also and user can't provide real info.So today i will show you how you can make own fake government id proof to bypass facebook verification.

There is an app called Fake ID generator which allow us to make fake Government ID proof in mobile only for free.

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  • First Go and Download this awesome app here-Fake Id Generator.
  • After Downloading,install it.
  • Then Fill DOB [date of birth]
  • Choose Your Country.
  • Then click on upload photo.
  • Then Click on generate.
  • Now Its Done..!! 
FAKE ID is now created,Now you have just open your blocked account and upload this Fake Id and wait for 2-3 days For Facebook Review.

If you Want Fake Government Proofs Images Then Go here-FREE ID PROOF

NOTE:-You will fill only those information in Fake ID card which is same on that Facebook account whom you want to open.


1 Jul 2016

Airtel Free 2g/3g Internet DNS Trick Working in July 2016 [High Speed]

Hi friends, today I am going to publish airtel DNS free 3g internet trick. I know you are already checked our aircel free 3g internet DNS trick. It is working in many states. Today here I am going to publish airtel free 3g internet trick via DNS protocol. The steps are almost same aircel DNS 3g trick. Anyway here I am written all steps you need to follow to use airtel free 3g internet trick via DNS protocol. This airtel free 3g internet DNS trick is working in west Bengal, Assam and many other states. Just try this trick in your state and enjoy free 3g Internet on your mobile or PC. So guys read the full steps for both PC and android mobile.

Main Features of airtel DNS free 3g internet trick July 2016
- working on both PC and android
- Working in both 2g and 3g network
- No data pack required
- working in zero balance
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1. First download slowdns from apk store or Download slow dns vpn  app from playstore - click here to download
2.Now install the app on your android device3. Then open slow dns vpn app and enter DNS - or59.144.127.117 [recommended] Or or
4. Now connect slow dns vpn app 
5. After get successful connect , you can enjoy free g internet on your airtel sim with slow DNS vpn android app
Note - slow dns vpn app has a daily limit of 25 mb, for unlimited use you need to buy the premium subscription.

1. First download Tunnel Guru software from here - click here to download [win 32 bit]
2. Now register on tunnel guru - click here to register an account on tunnel guru
3. If you have not installed java on your pc, then download and install it now.
4. Now install and open tunnel guru [ open with run as administrator ]
5. now enter your username and password [ used at the time of registration ]
6. Now select DNS as protocol 
7. also select DNS or192.168.43.1 or [recommended] or or or
8. Now connect Tunnel guru 
9. Enjoy free 3g internet on your aircel Sim with aircel DNS free 2g or 3g internet trick

I hope that you got the trick. Honestly I didn't tried this trick personally. One of my friend from west Bengal told me about this trick. Actually this trick not tested in PC. My friend tested this trick in android device and worked for him. So guys give a try to airtel DNS free 3g internet trick. Hope you will try. For more tricks and tips keep visiting www.mybloggerskill.com

21 Jun 2016

How to Activate Airtel 3G Zero Rental Pack @ RS.0

What is airtel 3g zero rental pack ?

With this pack, you can connect to 3g network even when you didn't have a valid 3g plan. You can use 3g  internet with your main account balance.

How this airtel 3g zero rental pack connected to airtel free internet tricks? | why this is so important for airtel free internet tricks?

Normally airtel users can't register to 3g network if they have no any valid 3g data pack. So while using airtel free internet tricks users are limited to use 2g network. 
So at zero balance users can't enjoy 3g internet tricks at 3g speed.
Note - This is only for some states. Some other states have no any issues like this.

Also, there is no any airtel 3g zero rental pack information now officially available from airtel. So users can't able to find any info about this. Airtel has hidden all info about this pack now. 

Method 1 - Activate airtel 3g zero rental internet pack easily by calling customer care [ working in Kerala confirmed]
** call to airtel customer care. call to 198 complaint customer care, so you can easily connect customer care.
** Tell them to activate airtel 3g zero rental pack. 

PRO TIPS : When you ask for airtel 3g zero rental pack then they first tell you that there are no any such packs. Then just describe what is the pack actual. tell them i want to use 3g internet by deducting my main account balance. If still they not convinced, then tell that i was activated the same pack some months before. and now it is deactivated. Sometimes they will ask for hold the line. and they will do the pack from there. 
So you successfully activated the airtel 3g zero rental pack now.

My experience while activating airtel zero rental pack { customer care interaction in kerala }
Me : i want to activate airtel 3g zero rental pack in my phone
Customer care: what? i am not able to understand the pack you said
Me: Airtel 3g zero rental pack
Customer care: There are no such packs. what is your budget? i will help you to activate some other 3g data packs according to your budget.
Me: No need of any 3g data packs. I want to use airtel 3g internet by deducting my main balance. 
Customer care: sir, there are no any such packs available.
Me: I have activated the same offer before 3 months. but some days before it is deactivated automatically.
Customer care: Sir, please hold the line. let me check the pack.
**** airtel promotional song**** :) LOL
Customer care: Okay sir. i am just activated the airtel 3g zero rental pack from here. You will get a confirmation message within 4 hours.
Me: thanks

After sometime i got the confirmation message from airtel.

Method 2 - trick to activate airtel 3g zero rental pack with airtel app
1. Send an SMS '3G' to '123'
2. you will get a reply message telling - 3g is activated or not
3. If you are activated 3g already. then deactivate it first
4. Then, Download and install ' airtel app'
5. Login to your airtel number
6. then go to 3g settings and activate 3g.
7. You are done. You can now enjoy 3g internet with your airtel main account balance.
8. register to airtel 3g network manually [ if not registered automatically]

Note - This trick not confirmed personally. Anyway, our users from kerala reported this working fine.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this tricks to activate airtel 3g zero rental pack at rs.0 . if this article helped you, then please share it on facebook and other social networking platforms.

19 Jun 2016

Working Trick for Airtel Unlimited 3G Data at Night

TRICK NO.1 - Airtel Unlimited 3G at Night Trick June 2016
just follow the below steps and enjoy unlimited 3g data at night.
Steps - how to use unlimited 3g data at night
1. First recharge with any small 3g pack in your airtel sim
note - also maintain your main balance around Rs 10 
2. Now after 11.30 PM [ night ] , enable 3g data connectivity on your airtel sim. that is set internet connectivity as manual and set as WCDMA or 3G. And start using 3g data..
Note- use little data... but don't turn off your data connection. and make sure that it is connected to 3g network
3. Then dial *129# and activate AIRTEL NIGHT 2G UNLIMITED PACK.
Note - do this step also before 12 AM 
4. Now after 12 Am you can enjoy unlimited 3g data.
that is you can browse and download unlimited data in your airtel sim in 3g speed [ night time ]
Note - Don't turn off your data connection. If you turn off your data connection then you will get only 2g. so keep your data connection ON.
Hai friends, Here now we are posting a new free 3g internet trick for airtel users. Airtel users will get 250 MB free 3G internet night data easily by this trick. As i mentioned above this trick is limited[250 Mb per day] and can only use at night time [ 12 am to 6 am]. This trick is based on airtel 1 rs facebook plan and open TCP. You need Troid VPn on your android device to enjoy this trick.
So we are going to the steps, follow the below steps and enjoy 250 MB free 3g internet data on your android device.
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Steps - Airtel Free 3g internet night pack trick September 2015

1. first Dail *129# or call 129 from your airtel sim
2. Now select night store option 
3. Then activate airtel 250 mb 3g facebook plan [12 am to 6 am] for 1 Rs
4. After successful activation Go to troid VPN >> Advance settings
5. Now save below settings on Troid VPN
    proxy Host- 188:138:61:118 
    port- 3128 
    Header: Host:h.facebook.com/@
6. Now connect Troid VPN and enjoy free 250 Mb 3g internet on your airtel

Note - Do the steps [ from 4 to 6] on between 12 am-6am
           You can use this trick every day by doing the same steps every day
           enjoy airtel free 3g internet trick @ night with unlimited validity
           This trick working in UP, Delhi, Punjab and Haryana ; will work on all states where tcp 443 is open

We hope that you got the trick and happy with our information. If you have any doubts or suggestions then please comment it below. Also don't spam our comment box.
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11 Jun 2016

How to Bypass Phone SMS Verification on any Website/Service

Nowadays,while creating accounts on social or any other sites you need to verify phone number.But if you dont want to give your real phone number then we have a great solution for you.As your private number can be leaked through site.

Bypass SMS Verification Online on Websites for Free

If you are planning to go for this method for verifying accounts on this sites i.e-Facebook ,google,.Then i would recommend you to not use this method.As this number will be available to all other people around the world.

You Just need to visit any of the site listed below, as these websites are perfectly bypassed the SMS verification.

Here are list of site which provide free online sms

So These site provide online virtual number which you can use for verifying your account.So whenever you wish to create new account and want to verify mobile number you just visit any above site and copy paste the number.
Hope you have liked this method.Bookmark our page for more tricks

Free Unlimited Facebook Data [Trick] For Airtel : June 2016

Trick no.1 - Get 500 MB facebook free data for airtel users June 2016
hi guys, this is an official offer from airtel. that is airtel offering free 500 mb facebook data for their users. You can follow below simple steps to avail the free facebook plan.

Steps - 
1. Send a sms 'FB' to 54321
2. you will get 500mb free facebook data soon in your airtel sim

Note  - if this trick is not working. try below airtel unlimited facebook data trick

Trick no.2 -Airtel Free Facebook Trick Using FB Lite Handler 2016
Hi friends, after a long tie here is another airtel free facebook trick. Today Techintor.com presentsfree unlimited facebook trick for android airtel users. 
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We know that for android users facebook uses huge data hence for browsing facebook on their device is very cost deducting task. SO here techintor solves this by providing free facebook trick for airtel android users. Now airtel users can enjoy unlimited facebook on their android device for free.
This trick works with facebook lite handler android app. So guys, no more time to wait ; read below steps and start enjoying free facebook on facebook android app unlimited.

This trick works with facebook lite handler android app. So guys, no more time to wait ; read below steps and start enjoying free facebook on facebook android app unlimited.
enter above address on frontquery field and save the settings
4. Now surf free unlimited facebook on fb lite handler on your android device

I hope you got the trick and worked for you. This way you will get unlimited facebook data.

Note - Maintain balance below 30 paisa for safe

If you like this trick then please share it with your friends and relatives. help them too.

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