13 Aug 2015

4 Best Ways To Charge Your Android Battery Faster 2015

For android users we are here with Best Ways To Charge Your Android Battery FasterToday more than billions are using android device and all the users know about the battery life of android device which reduces very quickly and takes long time to recharge. This is just because of the lots of apps that run in background in an android. Normally an android takes up to 2 hours to charge. But this time can be minimized by some simple tweaks to boost up your android battery charging speed. So have a look on the ways below.

4 Best Ways To Charge Your Android Battery Faster

The ways i am going to tell you are really very effective and there is no need to install any third party app, Just some simple tweaks that will let you to charge your android battery quickly.

Tips To Recharge Android Battery Quickly:-

#1 Use Airplane Mode While Charging

In Airplane mode all your networks get stopped and thats the best mode to charge your android. As at that time your battery consumption will go very down and you can easily charge it with great efficiency. Even this tweak can reduce your charging time to upto 40% so must try this.

#2 Charge Android Device In Switch Off Mode

This mode is most effective when you need emergency battery charged in a very short time. In this mode you battery consumption goes to zero and it gets charged quickly as compare to the ON android with lots of running apps

#3 Turn Off Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth

While charging you should Turn Off Mobile Data, Wifi, GPS and Bluetooth in your android as they consumes lots of battery and your battery charging process will be longer with all these on. So better is to turn them off and enjoy the fast charging.

#4 Use Original Charger Adapter & Data Cable

Only the products that are specially designed for your android from the manufacture are the best compatible with your android. So better is to use the original charger for quick battery charging.
Conclusion:So above is all about 4 Best Ways To Charge Your Android Battery Faster. With the help of all these tips discussed above you can easily charge up your android device within 30-50% reduced charging time. Hope you like our work, do share these tips with others too. Leave a comment below if you have any related queries with this.

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