20 Jun 2015

How To Increase/Improve Wifi Speed 2015

Here is wifi tips, How To Increase/Improve Wifi Speed – Today billions of people are using their personal wifi networks at their home and at their work places. But many people claims that their wifi network speed get slows or wifi speed is not so good. There are certain factors that affects the wifi speed which may include all the factors like wifi being hacked, improper positioning of wifi router and improper wifi settings etc. So in this post i am going to tell you all about How To Increase/Improve Wifi Speed. This method will help you a lot to enjoy high speed internet over wifi.

How To Increase/Improve Wifi Speed 2015

How To Increase/Improve Wifi Speed 2015

Below are the methods by which you can easily boost your wifi speed and can enjoy the high speed internet on wifi enabled devices. Try all of them.
#1 Reboot Your Router With A Schedule :- Try to reboot your router with a particular schedule of time as it refreshes all the router settings and clears all the empty packets of the router and it will speed up your internet. You should reboot your Router once day. If your hardware is of latest technology then you can set automatic reboot schedule in it.
#2 Increase Wi-Fi Range with DIY Tricks :- You can increase your wifi signal strength to about 1.5 times than the default range by this method. In this method we cut a beer can along the vertical and then put it around the router antina to boost up the wifi signals.
#3 Protect Your Wifi From Hackers :- The main reason behind the sudden drop of wifi speed is hacking of your wifi as someone else must use your wifi and your bandwidth devide and your internet speed gets slow. So better is to protect your wifi from hackers.
#4 Get Rid of Interference from Other Appliances :-Other Appliances like Cordless phones, microwaves, and other appliances can effect your wifi speed so better is to get rid of them or you can also use dual band wifi router which have no affect on it with these appliances.
#5 Avoid Bandwidth-Hogging Applications :- There are many apps that stay connected with your internet and can hogg your internet bandwidth like some viruses without your notice. So better is to find such apps in your devices like computer and mobiles and uninstall them.
#6 Find The Right Wireless Channel :-If you have neighbors that are using wifi then your channel can interfare with their signals so better is to set a channel that is unique from another that no interface can take place so you can use apps like  Wi-Fi Stumbler or Wi-Fi Analyzer to find a better channel for your router.
#7 Turn Your Old Router Into Repeater :- Repeater is a device that is used to repeats the signal with boosted strength and you can use your old router as a repeater and your wifi signals can now transmit to higher distance and you can experience high speed with full signal strength.
#8 Locate The Perfect Place For Your Router :- You can locate your router at the perfect place where it can give the best speed than any other alternative place you can randomly select perfect place for your router and can have better internet speed.
So above is the method for How To Increase/Improve Wifi Speed. By using these methods you can easily boost up your wifi internet speed can experience high speed internet. These methods are simple and easy to implement. Hope you like the post. Don’t forget to share this cool post. leave a comment below about any related query.

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  1. That's great...it really helped me to improve my internet speed.I followed your tips and confirmed it through a speed test in Scanmyspeed.com.


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