28 May 2016

How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day 2016

 How To Get 5000 facebook friends Request in One Day
 Can Anybody get 5000 Facebook friends in One Day?

Yes Guy, Anybody can Get 5000 Facebook friends in One Day, We had also share the trick with You "How to Invisible your fb profile name" .We are always share something new tricks with you. Today we are sharing this Amazing tricks on our site. With the help of this trick you can get more than 5000 Facebook friends request in one day, Its very simple method, also using this you can't be block. There are 100 of methods for this, but many of these are not working, And some methods are harmful for youraccount . This method is safe and also user friendly.
How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day

Can Anyone Earn money with many friend?
Yes this is true you can earn money by using this trick , the reason is every one need more likes on their
page and large friends list account and companies want to promote there product on online, therefore you can earn money by promoting any company’s product. 
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Is This method is safe? 

There are many methods or tricks for this purpose, But all are not safe, Fb may be blocked you but this method is tested by us and are safe. We try this trick and Facebook was not blocked us therefore this is safe for you. This is a amazing trick by this you can get emails of persons who want more friends on there fb friend list Its like as a link exchange method.

Step1) You have to login your Facebook Account.

Step2) Go to Facebook/mass_Add Application.

Step3) Login with this application to get information.

Step4) Select your Friends interest in the Select friends which you want to add.

Select Friends

Don't miss to Login with Facebook, if you not do this step generate button will not open.

Step5) Click on the Generate Button.

Generate Button
Step6)After This all thing done, you can see many Friends Email and then Just Copy All.
How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day

Step7) Go to Invite Friends php url. You can go directly by this link on “Invite Friends php”
Step8) Paste all Emails in There and Write any Message Like 'Please Add, Add me,Add me I am best liker'.
How To Get 5000 facebook friends request in One Day

Step9) Wait some time then

After some time you will start getting friends request.

Note-: Please use trick only one time in A Day.
Last thing:-
We are always trying to share something new and more useful tricks for you.This is not a official trick , So we are not responsible for any harm or violation activity of Facebook because its not follow by Facebook terms and policies. Please Share this article with your friends and you can Bookmark this site by Control + D, Thanks for visit and always keep it.

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