1 Aug 2015

How Make unique post In Blogger 2015


What is unique or custom post in blogger?, it's the different post than other post, every page have a different style. This time i will share about how to create that unique or custom post. This tutorial is easy for newbie, but i recommend to use this tutorial if you're understand about CSS. For example of unique post, you can see this blog.You Can Se liv Demo On This Blog only As you can see the sidebar is hidden.

Your Template Structure may have :-

  • #outer-wrapper
  • #content-wrapper
  • #main-wrapper
  • #sidebar-wrapper
  • #footer-wrapper
  • #header-wrapper>
  • .post
  • .post-body

The formula

  1. Open blogger.com and login, and then create a blank post
  2. Write anything in that post (whatever you want)
  3. Then in post you'll see Compose tab and HTML tab, click the HTML tab
  4. You found your text with html, then just put this code in the last line:
    <style type='text/css'>
    Put your CSS here
  5. Then that is the formula, just fill the CSS in that area
  6. Still don't understand?
  7. Ok, now i'll tell you if you're newbie in HTML

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