6 Dec 2013

Google Page Rank Updated 6 Dec 2013 After Long Time

Hie, friends you heard it right on facebook or in any website that google just update the page rank. This updated was the most awaited Google page rank update among the bloggers and webmasters and took a lot of time from google side to update page rank after the earlier update on 4 feb 2013. Earlier matt cutts in twitter gave indications that there will be no page rank update this year but google updated page rank update today on 6 Dec 2013. Below is the tweet from Matt Cutts Earlier:-

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What is Google Page Rank?

If you’re new Page Rank and don’t recognize a lot of concerning it then let Maine tell you. Page rank is associate degree formula by Google that ranks each web site and webpage in ten Points. thus anyone web site or web log will get page rank points from one to ten and if somebody has high page rank like between five to ten then it's about to generate several profit for a selected web site. Page Rank essentially depends on the Backlinks of web site which suggests if you’ve high range of quality backlinks then there's likelihood to urge high rank in next update. Google Page Rank helps to urge higher position in Google SERP, quicker compartmentalisation, will increase guest post submissions, attracts advertisers and plenty of a lot of advantages.

How to check Page Rank of your site?

Final Words!!

So friends this was terrible news for bloggers and we tend tobmasters has Page Rank has been updated once ten months that is actually durable if we compare it to usual. If you;ve been making quality backlinks for your web log then your blog’s page rank may be updated this point and within the coming posts, we'll conjointly reveal that however we are able to maximize our page rank. better of luck and don’t forget to share your page rank below in comments.


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