4 Nov 2013


Hello Folks,Today I will share the trick of css border Set.This will help you to make attractive blogger template or your blog.i have added in simple-o-matic theme also.
Let start Designing.

Set of CSS Border

To copy or take the code, it's in the border just taken, that's the code Css.., 
  • CSS Border Solid
border: 5px solid # 000;

  • CSS Border Dotted
border: 5px dotted Red;

  • CSS Dashed Border
border: 5px dashed Yellow;

  • CSS Inset Border
border: 10px inset Green;

  • CSS Border outset
border: 10px outset blue;

  • CSS Double Border
border: 10px double pink;

  • CSS Border Groove
border: 20px orange groove;

  • CSS Border Cyan
border: 20px ridge cyan;

Now Done .If you Get any problem just comment below.

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